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Kakujo is a let's player working independently of Stumpt. However, he has appeared several times in their various series, and following Price's absence in a part of August 2017 as he had gone on a trip for familial reasons, became a temporary member of Stumpt. He tends to be reactionary and spontaneous to things, and is also comparatively more mild-mannered than the other members of Stumpt.

Kakujo also has his own channel (which he has since stopped) and a website where he makes his own comics.

With Stumpt Edit

Minecraft Edit

In the introductory episodes of Stumpt's Minecraft: Hubris and Minecraft: Villages series, Kakujo was there to tell Stumpt about the Hubris consuming the world and the strange villagers in the town, respectively. Shortly after giving his message, he runs off to other places.

Gang Beasts Edit

Following Price's absence, Kakujo replaced him in the following two episodes:

  • #180 - The Unbeatable Bear!!